Estate Planning
Estate Planning is an important responsibility for all of us to protect our families and safeguard our assets.  None of us wants to see our assets disappear after spending most of our working lives acquiring them.  Some of us have spouses and children for whom we wish to provide after we’re gone. We may have minor children or dependent parents who will need someone to manage their financial affairs upon our death.  If you are single there’s even more of a chance that your assets may not transfer according to your wishes.

A Basic Estate Plan includes four documents and accomplishes several important things. 

It includes a Revocable or Living Trust and for each person; a Pour Over Will, a Durable Power of Attorney for asset management and an Advance Health Care Directive.  These four documents will ensure that you and your family will be protected in case of an illness, accident, disability or death.

Trust Accountings
The Law Offices of Patricia Rowe provides Trust Accountings for your trust in order to be prepared to file your Trust Tax Returns.

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Estate Planning