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Law Offices of Patricia Rowe
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Business Services
Are you looking to start a new business? Patricia is skilled and extremely knowledgeable in choosing the appropriate business entity that will benefit your business and financial goals. She will review with you the tax benefits and implications of each business type. Whether you are looking to form an LLC, S Corp, C Corp, or Sole Proprietorship, Patricia is with you from the formation of your business all the way to the appropriate filings with the Secretary of State. 

$ COST- Depends on the business entity type 
               Client also pays all filing fees with the Secretary of State
Whether you have a business, are merging businesses, or buying/selling your business, Patricia can help you with your contract. She is highly skilled in analyzing financial reports, creating business valuations, and preparing a contract that benefits both sides in any agreement.

$ COST- Hourly rate or flat fee
               (Flat fee starts at $1,500)
               (Attorney/CPA hourly rate $ 350/hr. Staff hourly rate $95/hr)