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Law Offices of Patricia Rowe
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Estate Planning
Legal Services
Probate & Decedent Estates
Estate Planning is an important responsibility for all of us to protect our families and safeguard our assets. None of us want to see our assets disappear after spending most of our working lives acquiring them. Some of us have spouses and children for whom we wish to provide after we’re gone. We may have minor children or dependent parents who will need someone to manage their financial affairs upon our death.

Our Estate Plan package:
- Revocable or Living Trust
- Pour Over Will 
- Durable Power of Attorney for asset management
Advance Health Care Directive for healthcare decisions
Deed to transfer 1 property to Trust
Certification of Trust required by most financial institution

$ COST- $3,500 for single person, $4,000 for married couple
Whether you are a beneficiary, heir, executor, or have a claim to a decedent's estate, we will represent you. Going through the Probate process can be stressful. We strive to support you and help make the process of Probate go as smoothly as possible. We offer the following services:

- Contested Wills
- Final Distributions
- Trust Accountings
- Estate Property & Asset Management

$ COST- Hourly rate
               (Attorney/CPA hourly rate $ 350/hr. Staff hourly rate $95/hr)
Trust Services
We represent trustees, executors, and beneficiaries with the following trust related services:

- Trust Administration
- Trust Tax Return preparation
- Final Distributions
- Disposition of Trust Property

$ COST- Hourly rate
               (Attorney/CPA hourly rate $ 350/hr. Staff hourly rate $95/hr)