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Law Offices of Patricia Rowe
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Tax Returns
Accounting Services

IRS Audits
Trust and Estate 
Amended Tax Returns

$ COST- Starts at $300 for simple returns. Price increases depending on the complexity                   of your return.
We provide bookkeeping services for individuals and businesses. We provide monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping services. You will receive monthly financial reports as well as year-end financial reports.

We provide payroll services for businesses. 
- Weekly, biweekly, or semi-monthly payroll
- Calculate and pay your tax deposits
- Preparation and filing of payroll tax returns

$ COST- BKPG-Depends on the amount of bank statement transactions. Either a flat                fee or hourly rate can be applied.
               PAYROLL- Flat fee starting at $315/month
               (Staff hourly rate $95/hr)
Have you received the dreaded letter from the IRS? We represent individuals and businesses with IRS audits. From telephone communication, to accounting, to document organization, to written correspondence with the IRS, we will take you through the entire audit process as stress-free as we can make it.

$ COST- Hourly rate
               (Attorney/CPA hourly rate $ 350/hr. Staff hourly rate $95/hr)
Offer in Compromise
Do you owe back taxes? Haven't filed your taxes in a while? We can help you get your tax filings straightened out quickly. We work with the IRS to negotiate high tax bills in cases where clients meet the IRS' requirements.

$ COST- Hourly rate
               (Attorney/CPA hourly rate $ 350/hr. Staff hourly rate $95/hr)
Forensic Accounting
With over 36 years of accounting experience under her belt, Patricia uses her accounting expertise to get to the bottom of any forensic accounting case. This includes:

- Tracing income & cash disbursements
- Allocate income & expenses by account
- Summarize cash receipts & disbursements
- Preparation of detailed Forensic Accounting Report

$ COST- Hourly rate
               (Attorney/CPA hourly rate $ 350/hr. Staff hourly rate $95/hr)